ALIVE Ventures and 60dB listen to parents & teachers to study the impact of school electrification Colombia


Electrifying schools

Despite significant expansion of the electric grid, about 20 million Latin Americans do not have access to electricity. Access to clean, renewable energy can help off-grid households move up the energy ladder and improve health, education, and economic outcomes which endure over time.

Beneficiary voices

“The teaching quality has improved, 100%. Access to permanent energy opens doors to other important services; in our case to the internet.”

What we heard

The study revealed powerful evidence of the positive effects electricity generation can bring to not just previously off-grid schools, but the overall communities they are a part of.

Acting on insights

These results take Sunco several steps further from simply saying how many lives they have impacted. The insights can now be used as data-driven evidence which validates Sunco’s social impact thesis, helping to improve relations with external stakeholders, onboard new clients, and even internally to improve recruitment and retention.



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