60 Decibels Researcher Spotlight, Issue 1: Meet Anognya, Kanak, and Nafeesa

How our researchers make Lean Data more impactful:

Our researchers help us refine our questions, test our hypotheses, and deliver the highest quality results. We wanted to get the scoop from our researchers on what aspects of Lean Data stand out to them the most, and why this approach is needed in the context of impact measurement more broadly.

Anognya, Kanak, and Nafeesa by the numbers:

  • Anognya: ‘0’ because I like to zero in on myself.
  • Kanak: Languages: 3; Dance forms known: 1.5; Number of recipes downloaded and not cooked: too many to count.
  • Nafeesa: Places travelled to: 30+; Countries lived in: 2; Languages: 3.75



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